Let the artist guide you on your White Journey ...

Voyage Blanc “White Journey” began with a blank canvas and a desire to address essential universal concepts: peace and harmony. As the creative process evolved, the artist was drawn away from the concept, becoming increasingly focused on the material in his hands. The work then transformed into a piece heavily influenced by the combination of four materials which are only partially compatible: water, Indian ink, glue and a few touches of white paint. The artist's hand must be extremely precise as he initiates the dance with the materials. The paintbrush soaked in ink then dipped in water enables the creation of black beads which can be placed on the canvas to be blended with the paint and glue.

The result is a collection with paintings at its core and, around them, a diversity of works are presented following the artist's desires: sculptures, photos, drawings - complementary works with the aim of enhancing the abstract curves of the paintings.

Originally from Réunion Island, Thierry Esther is an artist who, above all, sees himself as a citizen of the world. Raised on every art form imaginable, he has chosen to pursue an artistic career all his life, highlighted by various professional accomplishments.

His recent works have found their place in numerous exhibitions. Skillfully combining techniques and materials, this multi-media artist uses his endless ennui to create highly complex and thoughtful pieces.

Though particularly fond of abstract portraits and oil paintings, Thierry Esther is open to all artistic styles and techniques. His various collections, exhibited in France and around Europe, include paintings, sculptures and sketches.